INTRODUCTION p-2 or: An overview of the library’s four main sections.

Welcome back….

As stated in part 1, I created the Library to act as your guide for inspirational and educational purposes. As an explorer of consciousness, I found when I lacked enthusiasm for such things it was great to ‘borrow’ from others. “Extrinsic motivation, whereby a person is inspired by outside forces—other people or events that transpire.” I got this technique from Carlos Castaneda’s, The Power of Silence (p, 60), slightly modified of course.

Don’t panic, reader. I’m not here to judge his life but I certainly found great value in his books as a beginner. If you find value in something, then what’s it matter? Any system is just a system. “The map is not the territory,” Alfred Korzybski.


Meditation Techniques….

A meditation technique serves as a ‘method’ for holding intents such as stopping internal dialogue, interacting with or extracting information from Consciousness-Space. Focus is the key here.

There are numerous techniques including modern (Binaural Beating) tech, Western Occult gazing approaches, Shamanic – Tantric techniques of ecstasy, Zen methods of counting the breath and Yogic physical (involving movement) techniques. All great methods of self-control.

Techniques can be ‘TAILORED-to-SUIT’ the individual’s default psychological function. This will be discussed in detail in Blog Series-1. Factors include; interests, previous experience, understanding, intent/s etc. Modify, mix or apply them as they are and see which ones work for you. Just make sure you give it a decent chance, don’t run away at the first sign of failure. Failure was something I had to get used to…. it’s how we learn.

Meditation is a prerequisite for the exploration of consciousness.

Consciousness Exploration….

Walking in the Forest of Mind…. Exploring the Seas of the Unconscious…. Traversing Inner-Space…. Out of Body Experience…. Phasing…. Lucid Dreaming etc are all great metaphors for interacting with Consciousness-Space.

Seeking this can be an intimidating and terrifying endeavour, especially if you are a complete novice and have any negative associations or beliefs. Even more so if it happens spontaneously as it did for me (more on that in future blogs). So many questions…. How do I start? Where do I start? Which system/discipline is right for me? Just pick one and go for it. Try doing this intuitively.

Having a model – system – map is helpful but remember, it’s just a guide. If you find a different way, or have a different explanation, or want to mix techniques/metaphors, thoroughly explore it, apply it and see if it works. If not, move on, try something else. As with techniques, make sure you give it a decent chance.

The fast track to knowing yourself is to step inside the mind. “The cave you fear to enter, holds the treasure you seek”, Joseph Campbell. While others’ objective observations can be vital feedback, it isn’t self-generated and therefore less likely to stick in a positive way. Long term goal is to KNOW YOURSELF positively, with compassion by understanding and applying your psychological functions.

Remember…. DON’T PANIC and try to express compassion through your interactions as most of what you will encounter in the beginning will be aspects of you. This does not mean you will not require strength and the ability to defend yourself. Pick your battles wisely.  

Meditation is a prerequisite for consciousness exploration. You must be able to quiet the mind (suspend internal dialogue). Interact with phenomena. Experience and interpretations are relative to the individual. Core intent is the motivator, not the intellect.


It is the individual’s responsibility to interpret, assimilate and express all things learned. Interpretations will be filtered through your personal experience/interests/fears.

I found I got further observing/interpreting experience through my own filter rather than someone else’s. I was always trying to make my experiences/interpretations match others’. When I stopped doing this, I started to understand myself considerably better and experiences really took off.

There is a lot of science in the library but as with the first two Mains, don’t take it too seriously. Remember…. they are just models/interpretations. Science tends to pass off outliers as something ‘less than’ when it’s the outliers that drive evolution. “Great leaps forward do not come from the center, they come from the edge,” Thomas Campbell. If the outlier can turn their personality proto-type into a full functioning, profitable (not monetary) type, the same pattern will be available for others to explore. Please don’t misunderstand me, I do like science and have found great value in it, but it tends to be very limiting.


There are numerous psychological and physical benefits of practicing meditation or taking prescribed psychedelics. The data correlates across the board, consciousness affects health. Altered States of Consciousness are the underlying essential. One can extract information from, modify future probability or gain a different perspective for problem-solving through interacting with Consciousness-Space.

First, there are the obvious Spiritual/Self-Growth applications. Also on the rise is the use of psychedelics in Psychiatry – Psychology, complete with a theory of cellular change, although I found psychedelics to be unnecessary (more on that in future blogs). The data on meditative methods in the same field and others further correlates. There is also growing evidence that shows the pairing of Physicians with Shaman/Spiritual Masters increases the probability of patient recovery and “Increases resistance against mental health crises following the diagnosis and treatment of cancer in patients.” Then there’s the Army’s Remote Viewing and Super-Soldier research….

Until next time…. safe travels…. and thank you for your time.

Please Enjoy…………………………………………………………………………………..Don’t Panic

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